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Verkoop Japanse Malt Whisky. Whisky uit Japan. Wijnwinkel Slijterij Ton Overmars

Naam yrs Inh % dist. year Omschrijving Bottelaar Prijs
Akashi 5 0.50 45.0 - malt White Oak Distillery Eigashima 42.45
Akashi 12 0.50 50.0 - malt White Oak Distillery Eigashima 99.95
Chichibu 3 0.70 61.8 - The First Distilled 2008 Bottled 2011 Chichibu distillery 121.95
The Hakushu
In aktie!
- 0.70 43.0 - single peated
malt whisky
Distiller's Reserve Nu 39.95
The Hakushu distiller's reserve single malt whiskyTHE HAKUSHU DISTILLER'S RESERVE

The Hakushu gebruikt voor Distiller's Reserve voor het eerst ook een rokerige peated malt whisky. Door het bijzondere klimaat in de bossen rondom de distilleerderij heeft deze rokerige malt complexiteit ontwikkeld, die zich voegt met de frisheid en elegantie die karakteristiek is voor The Hakushu.

Kleur: Bleek goudgeel
Aroma: Fris, met tonen van pepermunt, meloen en komkommer
Smaak: Levendig zacht, met yuzu/Japanse citrus, grapefruit en citroentijm
Afdronk: Zacht, met een hint van rook

Inhoud: 0.70L / 43.0%
Nieuw! Nu : € 39.95
The Hakushu 12 0.70 43.5 - single malt - 67.95
The Hakushu 12 years oldThe Hakushu 12 years old
"The fresh Japanese whisky"

Hakushu is the Japanese connoisseurs choice.
The distillery, which was built in 1973 and is set amidst spectacular pine forests close to Japanese Alps.

Hakushu 12 years old has aroma of pears, crushed leafy bracken a hint of citrus. You can enjoy subtle smokiness and the sweet poached pears on the palate.

Color: pure gold
Nose: fresh green leaves, green apple, pear, soft smoke
Palate: sweet pear, butter cookie, crisp
Finish: soft, pleasantly smoked, dry

€ 67.95


Tasting notes - by Dave Broom
Nose: Light and grassy and slightly stony to start. In time there’s sweet persimmon and nut.
Palate: Pure and very clean. Sweet lime, green fruits then a hint of smoke and a buttery meadow sweet/chamomile note. Light to the point of fragility.
Finish: Honey, lemon and a little ginger.
Comment: Delicacy to the fore. A breakfast dram if there were ever one.

Hakushu 18 0.70 43.0 - single malt - 224.50
Hibiki 12 0.70 43.0 - blend Hibiki Distillery Suntory 65.50
Hibiki 12 years oldHibiki 12 years old
"Hibiki: The symphony of Japanese whisky"

The legendary Hibiki represents true harmony.
The enigma of perfection, the paragon of the art of whisky and the art of Japan's artisans.
Hibiki, meaning resonance in Japanese, speaks to the soul and emotions of the most discerning whisky lover. Hibiki resonates from nature, and all the subtleties found from the twenty four seasons of the old Japanese lunar calendar. Numerous types of pure single malt whiskies ageing in various types of casks, including Mizunara, a very rare Japanese oak, all combine to create a full orchestra of flavors and aromas.
Seductive, blossoming and enigmatic, Hibiki celebrates the unrivaled art of blending, fine craftsmanship, and sense of luxury of the House.
Bearing the seal of the House of Suntory, this majestic blend is its rightful paragon.

A wonder of fruity, clean, rich, pure taste.

Color: shiny amber
Nose: pineapple, plum, raspberry, honey, custard
Palate: soft, mellow and smooth, sweet
Finish: long and sweet, spicy-fruity, hint of sourness

€ 65.50

Hibiki 17 0.70 43.0 - blend Hibiki Distillery Suntory 121.50
Hibiki 17 years oldHibiki 17 years old
"Hibiki: The symphony of Japanese whisky"

Delicate and complex aroma of tropical fruit and caramel.
Color: amber
Nose: rose, peach, melon, hint of citrus
Palate: caramel, hint of butter, Mizunara(Japanese oak), and vanilla
Finish: sweet, elegant, fruity, a sour citrus aftertaste

€ 121.50


Recently awarded a Gold 'Editor's Choice' award from Whisky Magazine
And gained the top prize in its category
at the World Whisky Awards 2010.

Nikka All Malt - 0.70 40.0 - All Malt Nikka 27.70
Nikka Black 8 0.70 40.0 - Black Nikka Yoichi 31.30
Nikka Pure White - 0.50 43.0 - Pure malt white Yoichi 38.30
Nikka Pure Black - 0.50 43.0 - Pure malt black Yoichi 38.30
Nikka Pure Red - 0.50 43.0 - Pure malt red Yoichi 38.30
10 0.70 45.0 - single malt Yoichi Sapporo 56.05
12 0.70 45.0 - single malt Yoichi Sapporo 87.45
15 0.70 45.0 - single malt Yoichi Sapporo 98.95
10 0.70 45.0 - single malt Miyagikyo Sendai 61.15
12 0.70 45.0 - single malt Miyagikyo Sendai 88.55
15 0.70 45.0 - single malt Miyagikyo Sendai 103.35
12 0.70 43.0 - blended malt Taketsuru 43.95
17 0.70 43.0 - blended malt Taketsuru 85.95
21 0.70 43.0 - blended malt Taketsuru 122.95
17 0.70 43.0 - blended whisky
ceramic decanter
Tsuru 136.95
- 0.50 51.4 Winnaar: Beste
Niet-Schotse whisky
Dutch Whisky Awards
november 2014!

From the barrel
Yoichi Nu 29.95
Nikka Super - 0.70 43.0 - Super Nikka Yoichi 33.65
Ootori 15 0.66 40.0 - -   72.45
Togouchi 18 0.70 43.0 - -   87.95
In aktie!
  Distiller's Reserve
Yamazaki Suntory
van 42.50
€ 39.95

Yamazaki, at the foot of Mt. Tenno on the outskirts of Kyoto, is the bithplace of Japanese whisky. Yamazaki malt whisky with a long tradition of Yamazaki distillery since 1923 is matured over several beautiful Japanese four seasons; spring with flowers, summer with luxuriant verdure, autumn with red leaves and winter with snow.

Kleur: Goudkleurig
Aroma: Heerlijke zachtzoete aroma's van o.a. aardbei, kersen en mizunara eiken.
Smaak: In de mond proeft u frambozen, witte perziken en een vleugje kokosnoot
Afdronk: Zoete vanille, fijne finale met een vleugje kaneel.

Inhoud: 0.70L / 43.0%

Van slechts € 42.50
NU: € 39.95
  Bourbon Barrel
Release 2013
Yamazaki Suntory
Release 2013
Yamazaki Suntory
Yamazaki 12 0.70 43.0 - single malt yamazaki suntory 67.95
Yamazaki 12 years old

Japan’s premiere single malt with a delicate and elegant taste that makes it a superbly drinkable whisky with layers of complex aromas. It continues to capture the hearts of whisky lovers the world over.

Yamazaki 12 years oldSweet vanilla and fruity notes derived from white oak casks are accented with fine aromas of spirits aged in sherry and Japanese oak casks.

Color: Amber
Aroma: Flower/fruit: peach, ripe persimmon, orange marmalade
Grain: butter, custard cream
Cask: toffee, coconut, vanilla, incense, and cloves
Taste: Full-bodied sweetness and rich flavor
Finish: Sweet vanilla, oaky with a pleasant lingering aftertaste
Type: Medium body

Michael Jackson 8 points (8/10),
Whisky Magazine, Oct 2002

€ 67.95

Yamazaki 18 0.70 43.0 - single malt yamazaki suntory 173.95
Yamazaki 18 years old
This full-bodied whisky is slowly matured over 18 years in sherry butt casks. It’s a masterpiece with deep-rooted, mature notes.

Yamazaki 18 years oldCharacteristic sweetness of dried fruits and aromatic chocolate that comes from sherry casks intermingled with a profoundly mature flavor that comes from aging the spirits over a long time in Japanese oak casks.

Color: Red amber
Aroma's: Flower/fruit: raisin, strawberry jam, apricot, dried persimmon
Grain: toast
Cask: bitter chocolate, coffee, baked pudding
Taste: Sweet & sour, slightly bitter, deep and spicy
Finish: Ripe fruit, sweet & sour, with a long-lasting aftertaste
Type: Full bodied

Yamazaki 18yo is the multi award winning whisky.
Awarded SWSC Double Gold Medal in 2005,
IWSC Trophy in 2006 and ISC Gold in 2007.

€ 173.95
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